At the end of October 2021, Gooiltech completed and handed over the final items of Outage 2021 at Mong Duong II Thermal Power Plant. Entering the third year, when the Covid-19 epidemic first appeared until now, many difficulties and challenges have been posed to the business community in general and Gooiltech in particular. Overcoming those barriers, in 2021, Gooiltech has fully prepared the necessary human and material resources to promptly and effectively respond to maintenance and repair items at the Factory.

For a goal of bringing income to employees, sustainable business growth and building a brand in the trust of customers, Gooiltech team is determined to make efforts to have a safe, effective Outage period. fruit. The biggest achievement in this Outage period, in addition to completing on schedule, ensuring quality at all project items, must be mentioned that Gooiltech became a contractor with "Work safety culture" typical at the construction site. This is a recognition for the efforts and spirit of seriously complying with regulations on occupational safety of all Gooiltech officers and employees throughout the entire Outage process.

Closing a successful Outage season, I would like to express my gratitude to the contributions and unremitting efforts of the Company's staff. The consensus of the company's collective is the key to creating sustainable steps of Gooiltech in the next projects.