28-07-2020 478
Facing the new movement of Covid 19, seriously implementing the Directive No.16 of Prime Minister, Director of Gooiltech Limited Company required the staffs and units of the company to implement the...
19-05-2020 540
Announcement about strengthening against Covid-19
Facing complicated situation of Covid 19 around the world and in Vietnam, strictly following the instruction of the Prime Minister, Director of Gooiltech Co.,Ltd required the units to follow the...
19-05-2020 387
Gooiltech – Join hands for community
Gooiltech Co.,Ltd and AES – TKV Mong Duong Power Co.,Ltd organized building the charity house and giving presents for poor families, policy beneficiaries and agent orange victims in the area.
17-01-2020 170
Gooiltech's cooperative activities
Gooiltech Co.,Ltd usually organizes cooperative activities in order to be more close knit as well as improve the employees’ health of the company.