On March 4, 2023, Gooiltech cooperated with PST Vung Tau Safety Training Co., Ltd. to organize a training course and issue certificates for the following content: Advanced Rigging training.

The training program took place in 2 days from 03-04/06/2023 with training content:

  • Identifying and selecting the correct lifting equipment and lifting accessories. Be competent in slinging methodology and have the skills to plan a safe lift.
  • Inspecting and identifying equipment and pre-use checks.
  • Selecting and using synthetic slings. 
  • Calculations involved in Moving Loads including tension on sling legs, weight, center of gravity etc...
  • Tandem lifting and associated hazards.   
  • The safety precautions when lifting heavy objects or off-center lifts.
  • Planning and moving loads including transfer of loads using various equipment.
  • How winches are used, their safe operation and gaining a mechanical advantage with snatch and sheave blocks. 
  • Be able to complete a working Lift Plan including selection of equipment and positioning of equipment.
  • Be able to signal Overhead crane to international standards

At the end of the training program, 20 students who are Gooiltech employees completed and received certificates of advanced Rigging training. The course has equipped the necessary skills and experience for Gooiltech staff to better serve their work and subsequent projects.