27-05-2020 459
Owner: AES-TKV Mong Duong Power Co., Ltd Location: Mong Duong II Thermal Plant Time: 5/5/2020-15/5/2020 As a part of the periodic repair and maintenance plan of Mong Duong II Thermal Plant,...
17-01-2020 171
Rigger Training
For loading & unloading and lifting equipments as well as safety work, Gooiltech Co.,Ltd  took part in a training course of basic rigging organized by AES at Mong Duong II Thermal Power Plant.
17-01-2020 164
Polibrid Training
For cleaning and repairing the circulation water pipe of Unit 1 & 2- Mong Duong II Thermal Power Plant, Gooiltech Co.,Ltd organized a training course of using Painting machine and Painting materials...
17-01-2020 171
Ceilcote Training - Ceil crete
For FGD cleaning and repairing – Nghi Son Refinery & Petrochemical, Gooiltech Co.,Ltd and Nguyen Hanh Trading and Industry JSC organized a training course of Ceilcote by the the experts of Akzo...