On October 27, 2023, Gooiltech completed and handover the final items of Outage 2023 at Mong Duong II Thermal Power Plant. In 2023, Gooiltech will carry out maintenance work in 2 Unit: Unit 2: from August 9, 2023 to August 31, 2023, Unit 1: from October 3, 2023 to October 27, 2023.

Scope of work Gooiltech has carried out during the maintenance period of Mong Duong II Thermal Power Plant in 2023 include: Scaffolding erection, repair & maintenance at ESP, Boiler, Turbine, FGD, Intake, GSUT areas ...

Faced with difficulties and disadvantages in climatic conditions, work characteristics as well as general economic challenges, Gooiltech has always strived to complete work on schedule, ensuring the quality of each item. That is the effort and spirit of hard work as well as strict compliance with labor safety regulations of all Gooiltech officers and employees throughout the Outage process.

The year 2023 is about to end, the journey accompanying the maintenance and upkeep of Mong Duong II Thermal Power Plant of Gooiltech will still be extended in the following periods, because we believe in the efforts and results. The results that the Gooiltech staff and employees have created in recent Outages.