In mid-November 2022, Gooiltech completed and handed over the final items of the Outage 2022 at Mong Duong II Thermal Power Plant. In 2022, before the general difficulties of the world economy, Gooiltech also faced barriers and distortions of the economic recession, rapid inflation... However, in 2022, Gooiltech still fully guaranteed necessary human and material resources to meet time and efficiency for maintenance and repair items at the Plant.

The outstanding works of Gooiltech performed during the Outage of Mong Duong II Thermal Power Plant include Scaffolding Erection in Boiler, Turbine, Absorber, Transformer, Intake; Maintainance in ESP, SDCC, Economizer areas; Damper wings replacement at el. +42m Boiler; Cleaning and painting works, Flake Lining in CWP, Absorber, etc…; Hydro test in Boiler #2.

Following the success of 2021, in 2022, Gooiltech continues to win the title of contractor with a typical "work safety culture" at the Plant. That is the effort and spirit of seriously complying with regulations on occupational safety of all Gooiltech staffs and employees throughout the Outage, becoming the work culture of the company.

The success of the Outage 2022 based on the hard work, efforts, and unanimous determination of all Gooiltech staff and employees. This will become the motivation for Gooiltech to continue implementing short-term goals as well as long-term goals in 2023.