On May 16, 2023, Gooiltech was honored to be one of two contractors invited to participate in the camp "Work safety exhibition 2023" organized by AES Mong Duong Power Company Limited with the theme: "Safety is everyone's responsibility". Attending this camp, Gooiltech participated with the topic "Safety in working with chemicals in paint and flake lining construction".

As a unit with many years of experience in the field of paint and flake lining construction, Gooiltech always puts working safety when in contact with chemicals as an important and top priority in the work. Through the camp, Gooiltech wishes to:

  • Promote safety culture in the company and spread to the community about the sense of responsibility in work safety.
  • Raise awareness of general and in-depth knowledge on occupational safety and health and environmental protection to all employees of the company as well as partners and customers of Gooiltech.
  • Exchanging experience, sharing and learning solutions for occupational safety and health and environmental protection, thereby further completing the system of regulations and solutions in the Company's safety work.